Wednesday, April 30, 2008

J. Jonah Jingleheimer Schmidt...His Name Is My Name Too

My friend Sketch has lately taken to using the Magic Words (i.e. "Oh, and Kit, I know I don't have to challenge you on this one, but just in case: I challenge you!") more and more often, thus necessitating that I post more often.

Boohoo, right?

In any case, this time he found an interesting meme, the kind where you fill in the empty speech bubbles in a classic comic book panel, to hilarious effect. Normally, I don't get especially inspired by them. I might even have passed this one by if not for Sketch's timely official challenge...and his posting the plug-and-play Photoshop file he used for mass production.

I felt this particular panel deserved a very narrow-focused attack, and so I present my efforts:

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Ted said...

Ah, you out-Parkered me!