Sunday, July 13, 2008

You Have To Spurn The Trope

So as you may or may not have heard me cheering over the past week, I won a song-parody contest! First, play the game You Have To Burn The Rope (HERE). It will literally take you under a minute. The contest was to write a parody of the closing theme, and to make it about my favorite video game moment.

I wrote it about the game "Shadow of Colossus" and they previewed my entry during this podcast (skip to 1:12:45 ). (They say, "By Kit FitzSimons, which is an awesome name." Whee!)

And then the guy who wrote the original song commented on my parody, and his favorite line was line 3 (heard here - skip to 0:56:08). (He says, "He's got a nice flow with the rhymes.")

Regardless of what you may think of the people who run the podcast, I now have a free DS Lite, courtesy of them!

Thanks to my friend Sketch who suggested the reverb and who found a way to make the claps work so well...and, you know, for running Garage Band and mixing my vocals.


Jeff said...

I love the two guys in the comments section bitching about the contest. Their indignity is almost palpable!

So are you gonna put the original up here?

Ted said...

I've just been taking a moment to go through my RSS feeds, something I haven't had much time for lately. So that's why I'm commenting on here months later.

Yeah! You should totally upload the original mp3 for your Legion Of Fans. It's real easy to do on (I do it.). Or I could put it on and you could just blog about it.

Oh, and we still need to make the music video. The world demands it.