Sunday, July 27, 2008

Faster Than A Locomotive, Cheaper Than A Gold Box Deal has amazing sales on DVDs, but lately, they've just been outselling themselves, making their sales less meaningful.

Or maybe those DVDs are actually only 33% off under a red sun, but long ago, his parents saw that their race would be doomed to be remaindered, so they sent their only son (using Superman Saver Delivery) to Earth, where --in the heat of a yellow sun-- his movies and television shows gained phenomenal comic powers [sic] for the good of all mankind.

MR SOCKO: My heeeeeero.

I've been shopping for years, spending too much money on DVDs.
Thank you,, for these wonderful Superman returns
on my investment.

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Ted said...

I wonder if any of your readers other than me get the Mankind reference. Well, other than the fact that the photo is labelled.